Tips To Raise The Chances Of Social Security Disability Insurance Approval

Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI is one of the most declined application when it comes to claiming benefits for physical disability. According to SSDRC, claiming for SSDI has the lowest approval rate of only 13.8 percent. It is hard to go straight to a battle unprepared, the applicant is advised to do some actions in order to raise their application’s chance of approval.

1. Prepare Your Medical Records

Applicants are advised to get their own medical records from authorized medical personnel. The reason for this is because, during the application, the applicant will be asked a lot of questions regarding his or her disability. This does not only raises the odds of approval for your application, but it also makes the process faster. In addition to this, a lot of states offers a free copy of medical records when applying for SSDI.

2. Cooperate With Your Doctor 

Cooperation with your doctor is one of the most important support an applicant can get for the application. This is not necessary to receive benefits, but an opinion from a treating doctor raises the chances of getting approval. A medical opinion cements the reasons and restrictions on why the person’s disability can hinder him or her from working for eight hours a day and five days a week.

3. Compare: SSDI Or SSI?

A lot of applications are being rejected either by lack of supporting documents such as medical records, as well as confusion from the applicant. Although Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) might seem similar, the programs are very different from each other. And sometimes, those who are not accepted in SSDI are qualified for SSI instead. SSI is given for those who were not able to work for a long time while SSDI is given for those who have worked long enough.

4. Consider Hiring An SSDI Lawyer

Another factor that affects the application is how the disability case was developed. Most of the people who went to a disability case and failed are because of the lack of technical help. After all, the law is not something that can be learned while filing for SSDI support. Experience is the backbone of legal excellence.

Although it is still possible to avoid getting help from professional lawyers and still win approval, the chances are pretty low. While those who hired a lawyer for their disability claim improve their chances of winning the case. The lawyers also work on a contingency basis in which they will only get paid if they win the case. A Social Security Disability lawyer Canadian County OK should be the one to handle cases if you’re from Canadian County.

5. Start The Application As Soon As You Qualify

Applying for SSDI is a very long or very short process, depending on how the applicant shaped his or her disability case. it is hard to predict if the case will be approved, so it would be harder to see ahead and expect benefits. To avoid getting in a very bad spot, applicants are advised to file their cases as soon as they became qualified.